Growing up in the quaint suburbs of Plano, Ashton always had a curious personality and a natural eye for beauty. She graduated from UT Austin, majoring in Biology and Fashion from one of the best fashion programs in the nation. At the time, she sought a career that combined her love for science and also her passion for beauty.

Following the entrepreneurial spirit of Austin, Ashton spent some time working for a start-up specializing in cardiac imaging. While she found purpose in helping patients by examining their hearts, Ashton realized she had her own heart set on something else.

Ashton came to terms with her passion for esthetics one day when she realized she had frequently received compliments on her skin from friends, family, and strangers. After some reflection, it was clear that she wanted to share the same sense of happiness and confidence with everyone else.

This epiphany lead her to the prestigious Dallas Skin Institute, a highly extensive academic school focusing on medical aesthetics, and graduated in 2020 after passing the Texas State Licensing Exam. In addition to her comprehensive education, she is also a Licensed PRIVE Plasma Fibroblast Practitioner. Her love for esthetics stems from understanding the reasons for skin repair and the sense of accomplishment she receives in giving clients confidence and beauty in their own skin.