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Sahar is a professional Microblading Artist who has recently migrated to the United States. Sahar has over five years of extensive brow-shaping and Microblading experience.

Sahar has earned a Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering; however, she has always known in her heart that she wanted to become a make-up artist. She began to explore her newfound passion by taking different courses and comprehensive trainings with various professional instructors to widen her scope and knowledge.

She then proceeded to open her own salon back in her country. Her permanent makeup journey is relentlessly evolving to soaring heights and filled with magical brow wonders. Sahar’s skills become sharper by each stroke and she truly loves the endless possibilities that can be created with manual and digital techniques.

Sahar is continuously learning and perfecting her craft as learning from the best permanent makeup artists across the globe is an ongoing life mission for her. She is inspired by each individual person's facial structure and looks forward to creating unique brow shapes that are perfect for each of her clients.

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